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cmi214 · Abnormal Love CD

Darkrad is the dark-industrial project of multi-talented artist Jana Komaritsa (known as JanaDark). Being the only member she realizes her deepest feelings, emotions and inner thoughts in it, creating gloomy surreal worlds with music, video, performances and arts.

cmi211 · Arise of Fallen Conception CD

Halgrath transmits the darkest beauty in an unique atmosphere Hypnotic, ritualistic and ultra-deep sound-escapes, makes an all together a telepathic creation of thoughts and emotions going directly to your inner.

raison d'être
cmi213 · When the Earth Dissolves in Ashes CD

Gathers 75 minutes unique material! The starting point for these live tracks is mainly the sounds used for 'In sadness, Silence and Solitude', 'Metamorphyses' and 'The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice' looped and mixed live together with on spot improvised sounds, thus shaped into new never before heard sonically expressions.

cmi212 · Reliquiae CD

Reliquiae is a syringe filled with the deepest of sounds, with details so carefully perfected and indeed profound that it will make you listen to the album again and again, falling deeper and deeper into the void of the awakened. Spanning 19 tracks this is one epic release that tells a tale revolving around the relics that are the basis of our enslavement. It truly must be heard to be fathomed

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New releases out on Cold Meat Industry!

cmi.211 HALGRATH - Arise of Falling Conception CD
cmi.214 DARKRAD - Abnormal Love CD

Both available NOW!

Out NOW:  

cmi.211 HALGRATH -  Arise of Falling Conception CD
cmi.214 DARKRAD - Abnormal Love CD
Also available:
cmi210 BRIGHTER DEATH NOW - Innerwar CD
cmi.207 DAHLIA'S TEAR - Dreamsphere CD
cmi.212 ATRIUM CARCERI - Reliquiae CD
cmi.213 raison d'être - When the Earth Dissolves in Ashes CD
Next out 2013:
cmi.215 BRIGHTER DEATH NOW - Primitive Perversions DCD
(prehistorical material from 1982-83)

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